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The Little Wedding Chapel

The Little Wedding Chapel has wedding services starting at $200.  We offer Wedding Chapel Rental, Officiant Services, Music, Offsite Wedding officants, Full wedding planning services, and more..

The Little Wedding Chapel offers a stunning location to exchange wedding vows and celebrate significant moments. An extraordinary setting at a great value for your money, we’ve been helping to make special occasions as special as possible since 2017.

We offer picturesque ceremony areas as well as a stunning reception space.

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To book wedding, please call the The Little Wedding Chapel at 727-810-3544  Please visit their website for more information.



The Little Event Hall Rentals

Our Little Event Hall will be available for rental for your wedding reception, baby shower, birthday party, anniversary party, vendor events, business meetings and more.  We can hold anywhere from 50 to 125 people depending on the event.  We charge affordable rates and offer many services and event planning.   We have on staff: wedding officiants (both minsiter and notary), cater, Resident Chef and wait staff, DJ, Photographer, Setup and Clean up Crew,Event Planner, and Wedding Coordinator.  For more info please call us at 727-810-3545.

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Art Studio Rentals

Photo Studio Rentals
Art studio rental for teaching a craft or painting workshop. Depending on the workshop you are teaching you can have from 6 to 18 students in the art studio. This pricing is for non members of Art Studio. If you have an art studio membership, please book studio under Art Studio Member. Please make sure you put date time and total hours requested on the booking form before you submit it. Please take into account the time for set up, and clean up. That should be built into the time you have rented the studio.  See Jersey Girl Art Studio Website or call 727-810-3542 for more information.
Art Studio Rental - Non Member  of Art Studio $ 35 per hour
                               Member of Art Studio $10 per hour    Book Art Studio

Photographers ONLY Purchase Studio hour @ $35/hour Hours do not expire. Hours can be scheduled by Viewing the online calendar Purchasing your hours We will email you to confirm your date requested. Your date is NOT secured, until you receive text confirm from us, either via text, email, or facebook message. **When arranging your studio time: Please take into account the time for gear set up, and clean up. That should be built into the time you have rented the studio. No equipment is included in this rental. (We do have backdrops, stands and basic lighting for additional fee.. Call 727-810-3545 for more info)

Photo Studio Rental - Non Member  $35 per hour   Book Photo Studio